What is a merchant account?

Want to accept cards in your business? You’ll need a merchant account.

At Ocean Pay, we can help you get set up with one.

  • Allows you to take card payments
  • Ensures you’re processing safe, secure payments
  • Helps prevent fraud

A merchant account holds the payment funds whilst your customer’s card details are checked, to make sure they have the money available.

They’re then securely transferred to your business bank account and the payment is complete.

Merchant services with Ocean Pay

Better known as credit card processing, merchant services cover the handling of card payments.

If you’re looking to get set up with merchant card services, we can get you started.

We can help with card payment solutions including:

* Card machines – perfect for taking payments face-to-face
* Online payment gateway – take online payments through your website
* Pay by link – accept payments online without a website
* Virtual terminal – great for phone payments

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